Sunboard Plus!!!

America's first and only 4-sided panoramic tanning unit. A design so awe-inspiring, you'll have to see it to believe it!

Wide-open, non-claustrophobic environment has no moving parts for ease on entry and exit. Frosted acrylics deliver maximum results while the contoured surface conforms to your body for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Max Tan Time: 20 Minutes

23 lamps: High Pressure Bronzing Lamps with very little UVB ray.

SUNBOARD: This is a 23 lamp unit allowing High Pressure Tanning utilizing:

Center Arm: 3 - 1000w plus Heraeus high pressure lamps plus 2 1000w Heraeus high pressure lamps
Side Arms: 2 - 1000w plus Heraeus high pressure (on each side) and 2 - 1000w Heraeus high pressure (on each side)
Lounge: 10 - 400w plus Heraeus high pressure lamps



SunDash Radius 252 - Gold

Lamps: 52, 200 W/2-meter Genesis, 6.5 ft. tall
Maximum exposure: 12 minutes
Ventilation: 1600 CFM Transflow ceiling exhaust fan




This 56 lamp unit utilizes the following with only a 12 minute maximum exposure time:

Canopy: 2 - 800w Heraeus high pressure facials
Canopy: 4 - 400w plus Heraeus high pressure facials
Canopy: 28 - 160w Cosmedico VHR lamps
Lounge: 20 - 160w Cosmedico VHR lamps, 2 - 400w plus high pressure shoulder lamps



Montego Bay 3000 Wolff Systems (20 Minute Bed)

Curved acrylics along with a dual speed body fan provide tanning comfort while two canopy speakers add to your enjoyment. Equipped with 30 staggered 100 watt Wolff lamps, the MB3000 is an excellent choice for those desiring an even, natural looking tan at an affordable price.



Mystic Tan

The Authentic Experience
15 million tans can't be wrong! Don’t settle for anything less than the Authentic Mystic Tan Experience:

Authentic Mystic Tan Tanning Myst™
Mystic Tan UV-free Tanning Booths
Mystic Tan Pre-Sunless, Sunless Tanning and Post-Sunless products


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